Writing A Detailed Islamic Finance Dissertation

The study of Islamic finance is quite important as Islamic economies are quite influential in the western world, making it a worthy study for any finance student. To be fair, financial transactions are not conducted in the same manner in every country and since Islamic nations are quite influential in the financial world, it is worth paying attention to their practices.

When writing a dissertation on any topic, it is easy to believe oneself to be in charge. While this can sometimes be the case, more often than not, students find themselves overwhelmed by the requirements of the project. In this situation, it can be helpful for students to find ways of assisting themselves with the task, an option that many are not aware of. For this reason, I have taken the time to compile a short list of helpful tips to help anyone compose a well written paper about Islamic finance:

  1. The laws governing financial transactions in Islam
  2. A good place to start is with the laws that govern finances in the Islamic faith. An understanding of these laws can shed some light on the importance of these studies, giving you a better chance of creating a well written project.

  3. Why this is important
  4. To understand the need for any study is important, because without a need, there is no real reason to conduct intensive research to begin with. In this instance, the financial practices of Islamic states differ clearly from that of the rest of the world, making financial interactions with these countries tricky.

  5. A good topic based on Islamic financial practices
  6. Selection of a good topic is a vital part of writing any paper and you should pay careful attention to this step. When choosing a topic, you must ensure your selection possesses certain qualities. Most important of these qualities may be your personal interest in the topic, however, it is also important to consider practical aspects of your topic as well.

  7. A verifiable hypothesis
  8. Every research paper needs a hypothesis to give it a condition to work at. The hypothesis statement defines aspects of a particular subject that, if proven, will clearly identify a particular feature of the subject. Always keep in mind that you must formulate your hypothesis in a manner that allow for testing by available and practical means.

  9. Solid data collection
  10. The data collection phase may be the most important step in writing any dissertation and should be done with care to avoid mistakes. When collecting data, it can be helpful to make use of the tricks and strategies employed by professional researchers. These include making good use of graph and tabular methods, as well as electronic devices.