A List Of Intriguing Marketing Dissertation Topics

Marketing is a field of study that involves the analysis of a particular consumer market in order to make the best advertising and merchandising decisions for a company. While many people see this activity as a form of manipulation, most companies have no choice but to delve heavily into marketing practices in order to succeed to any significant degree. Marketing studies are carried out in many ways, from stock analysis, to observing customer make purchases in real time.

Dissertations are lengthy research projects that students must complete before receiving their diplomas, a task that many students can often find quite troublesome. The concept is simple, in practice however, accomplishing the different stages of writing a paper can be quite challenging, worthy of its infamous reputation among undergraduates.

To begin writing a dissertation on marketing, one must first select a topic and this can often be harder than it seems. This is because a bad topic choice can significantly affect a person’s ability to perform at their best on the project, a situation that could have been avoided. Consider the following topic choices to give you some solid options to choose from when writing your dissertation on marketing:

  1. How do popular brand names affect the opinions of people in countries on their own local products, competing with the big names in their markets?
  2. To what extent do language barriers affect the ability of large companies to project their product slogans to the consumers?
  3. How do managing directors take into account the effects of regional cultural difference between countries when setting up their business operations in new markets?
  4. What are the advantages to automotive vendors if they opt to treat consumers as a single collective mass instead of as individual person with varying needs?
  5. What are the strategies that supermarket chains employ to overcome language barriers in new markets in countries with multiple local languages?
  6. What are the advantages of using national cultural aspects of a location to promote export products to the rest of the world?
  7. How are businesses able to take advantage of learning via online media to generate profits in an industry that is customarily difficult to encourage free, voluntary participation among populations?
  8. To what extent does geographical location affect consumers that prefer to buy in a wide variety of products compared to those that buy based on habitual purchasing habits?
  9. What are the effects of gender and gender roles on the selection choices of luxury goods among buyers?
  10. What are the major product attributes that online buyers search for when they compare prices and features of items during online purchasing activities?
  11. What are the effects on customer behavior in the event of online brand alliances where big companies affiliate their products and services with that of another company.
  12. In the case of a large brand name firm that has its tag on a wide variety of product made by different companies, what are the most effective strategies for personalizing their products?